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Richard Dean Anderson Forever

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Episodes Guide Stargate SG1 S3 Episodes
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3X01 Into the Fire 3X01 Into the Fire
Original airdate: June 25, 1999 [ Hits:1292 ]
Plot: General Hammond leads a daring rescue attempt with the help of Teal'c to retrieve SG-1. Meanwhile, on board the Goa'uld ship, one of the members of th

3X02 Seth 3X02 Seth
Original airdate: July 2, 1999 [ Hits:1093 ]
Plot: The Tok'ra believe that the ancient Goa'uld System Lord, Seth, is hiding on Earth posing as a religious leader. SG-1 and the Tok'ra Selmak must find h

3X03 Fair Game 3X03 Fair Game
Original airdate: July 9, 1999 [ Hits:1481 ]
Plot: During an awards ceremony where Carter is awarded a promotion to Major, O'Neill is transported to a space ship orbiting Earth. Here he meets a non-hum

3X04 Legacy 3X04 Legacy
Original airdate: July 16, 1999 [ Hits:1181 ]
Plot: Daniel starts going crazy after SG-1 visits a planet where SG-1 found nine dead Goa'uld. The doctors believe he is suffering from the effects of trave

3X05 Learning Curve 3X05 Learning Curve
Original airdate: July 23, 1999 [ Hits:1135 ]
Plot: In the pursuit of knowledge, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, and Daniel Jackson travel to the planet Orban as part of an exchange program. Daniel and Teal'c rem

3X06 Point of View 3X06 Point of View
Original airdate: July 30, 1999 [ Hits:1137 ]
Plot: Alternate reality versions of Carter and Kawalsky use the quantum mirror to arrive at a secured building in the top secret Area 51 in "our" universe.

3X07 Deadman Switch 3X07 Deadman Switch
Original airdate: August 6, 1999 [ Hits:1086 ]
Plot: The team are captured by a bounty hunter who plans to use them to capture a Goa'uld, but all is not as it seems. **# Aris Boch claims he disabled th

3X08 Demons 3X08 Demons
Original airdate: August 13, 1999 [ Hits:1115 ]
Plot: SG-1 arrives at a medieval village and frees Mary, a young woman who has been left outside tied to a stake. Simon, friar of the village and Mary's fri

3X09 Rules of Engagement 3X09 Rules of Engagement
Original airdate: August 20, 1999 [ Hits:1230 ]
Plot: Upon exiting the Stargate, SG-1 finds itself in the midst of battle. A group of SG soldiers battle a Jaffa army. Believing the soldiers to be the miss

3X10 Forever in a Day 3X10 Forever in a Day
Original airdate: October 8, 1999 [ Hits:1078 ]
Plot: In the middle of a battlefield Daniel and Amonet meet in a tent. Amonet uses her hand device on Daniel, and he passes out. When he awakes Amonet (and

3X11 Past and Present 3X11 Past and Present
Original airdate: October 15, 1999 [ Hits:1207 ]
Plot: SG-1 travels to a planet whose inhabitants seem to be suffering from mass retrograde amnesia. They have no memory of their lives before the unknown ev

3X12 Jolinar's Memories 3X12 Jolinar's Memories
Original airdate: October 22, 1999 [ Hits:1210 ]
Plot: The Tok'ra come to Earth and tell Sam that her dad has been captured and is being held prisoner by Sokar on a planet Earth people would describe as he

3X13 The Devil You Know 3X13 The Devil You Know
Original airdate: October 29, 1999 [ Hits:1150 ]
Plot: The Tok'ra find out Sokar is going to take his ship in orbit around Netu, and come up with a plan to kill him: since they don't have any weapon capabl

3X14 Foothold 3X14 Foothold
Original airdate: November 5, 1999 [ Hits:1253 ]
Plot: SG-1 returns from a mission, and needs to report to the infirmary to see if they brought back any illnesses. Meanwhile they hear there's been a chemic

3X15 Pretense 3X15 Pretense
Original airdate: January 21, 2000 [ Hits:1309 ]
Plot: An unknown user attempts to come through the gate. It is Narim, the Tollan, who first sends Schrodinger, Sam's gift to him, to identify himself. He fo

3X16 Urgo 3X16 Urgo
Original airdate: January 28, 2000 [ Hits:1196 ]
Plot: SG-1 travels to a paradisical-appearing planet... only to step immediately back out of the Stargate with no memory of their trip. They soon find thems

3X17 A Hundred Days 3X17 A Hundred Days
Original airdate: February 4, 2000 [ Hits:1807 ]
Plot: During an expedition to a civilized planet, the stargate of that world is hit by a meteor, trapping O'Neil on that world without any apparent hope of

3X18 Shades of Grey 3X18 Shades of Grey
Original airdate: February 11, 2000 [ Hits:1337 ]
Plot: When the Tollan refuse to share technology, even after SG-1 saved the planet from a Goa'uld attack, Jack gets angry and steals a device from them. Jac

3X19 New Ground 3X19 New Ground
Original airdate: February 18, 2000 [ Hits:1323 ]
Plot: SG-1 discovers a planet on which two locals just discovered the Stargate that had been buried for thousands of years. When the team goes through the g

3X20 Maternal Instinct 3X20 Maternal Instinct
Original airdate: February 25, 2000 [ Hits:1474 ]
Plot: SG-1 journeys to Kheb to locate the Harcesis child. **# When Bra'tac's new apprentice dies in the infirmary all the machines he's hooked up to, incl

3X21 Crystal Skull 3X21 Crystal Skull
Original airdate: March 3, 2000 [ Hits:1251 ]
Plot: While visiting a new world, the team discovers a huge pyramid, empty but for a central platform above a vast abyss, accessible by a single walkway. Up

3X22 Nemesis 3X22 Nemesis
Original airdate: March 10, 2000 [ Hits:1286 ]
Plot: The episode opens with Daniel Jackson confined to the infirmary recovering from an appendectomy. The rest of team is told to take a vacation. O'Neill


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